Lethal Weapon: Damon Wayans ‘Clayne Crawford was an “Emotional Terrorist”‘

Lethal Weapon: Damon Wayans 'Clayne Crawford was an "Emotional Terrorist"'

Now, that Clyne Crawford has been thrown under the bus with claims that he was one of the rudest actors in Hollywood.

Evidence has been revealed that Clayne Crawford was difficult to work with, but it comes from Damon Wayans which has everyone questioning why now? Read on…

Lethal Weapon: Whose Really The Bad Guy? Damon or Clayne?CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on the Lethal Weapon controversy surrounding the recent smear campaign by actor Damon Wayans.

Damon Wayans, who is a veteran in Hollywood claims it is Hollywood etiquette. We know for a fact that its etiquette to keep it hush, NOT to smear someone’s name unless you want to kill their career by deeming them hard to work with.

According to Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, who was a struggling actor before landing the role on the FOX hit series was dubbed an “emotional terrorist” on the set.

On numerous occasions, Clayne went from humble actor to on set @ss***e! It has been said that he became hostile, demanding and hard to work with, which is the kiss of death in Hollywood.

Anyways, Damon Wayans posted a series of Tweets before deleting his Twitter account regarding Clayne Crawford’s bad behavior, which got him fired once they filmed the entire season.

The news comes days after Crawford was fired from the Fox series allegedly due to bad behavior on set.

Take a look and see what Damon Wayans had to say about working with Clayne for the past season.

Despite Damon’s smear campaign of Clayne, who is now FIRED from Lethal Weapon which was renewed by Fox on Sunday for the third season has officially been replaced by Seann William Scott (American Pie).

Season three will kick off with Scott join the drama in a new role opposite Wayans.