Kuba Ka Taking On The World With ‘King of the Knight’

(CelebNMusic247) Kuba Ka Taking On The World With ‘King of the Knight’

Kuba Ka is a star on the rise, the Poland grown native was introduced to the world as a child star. Kuba, who was managed by Michael Jackson’s former manager, Frank Dileo is now ready to take the world by storm with his action packed music and creative sound.

He was dubbed early on as the Prince of Entertainment from Europe.

CelebNMusic247 had the pleasure to speak with Kuba during his hectic schedule in the studio. He has currently been working on his debut album and over this past weekend he performed in Los Angeles.

Over the summer, Kuba recorded with Public Enemies Flavor Flav in July. The collaboration with Flav will mark one of the first from Kuba’s many celebrity friends to make an appearance on his upcoming album.

Kuba explained to CelebNMusic247 that working with Flavor Flav was a delightful and fun experience. The two artists became friends over the past year, he even told us about Flav’s 4th of July parties, which he explains as a blast. Kuba has taken his upcoming album King of the Knight very seriously and wants to bridge the gap between Hip Hop and Pop – His first single, “Coming to America,” will reflect Kuba and Flavor Flav’s crazy adventures as friends, telling the story of how they meet.

Kuba and Flavor Flav both have vibrant and electrifying characteristics and the two of them together is over the top fun.

Kuba aka the Prince of Entertainment from Europe, explained to us, The energy you feel in the song and how it makes you move to the beat is merely Flavor Flav and myself expressing our different vibes with music and having fun while doing it.”

Check out the hilariously fun interview we had with Kuba Ka below:

Check out – KUBA Ka & Flavor Flav – Making a Hit Together:

Kuba’s upcoming album, King of the Knight that is slated for release fall 2012.

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