Kris Jenner Dumps Boy Toy Corey Gamble


Kris Jenner Dumps Boy Toy Corey Gamble?!?

The Kardashian’s have become a black man kryptonite but their cougar mom has apparently jumped ship since it being reported that Kris Jenner Dumps Boy Toy Corey Gamble.

We just got news from the “Cougar Files” that Kris Jenner has dumped her latest conquest Corey Gamble because his fame wasn’t large enough.

Wait? What wasn’t large enough?


Here is what is hearing via OK Magazine:

The Hollywood Gossip reports that after 4 months of dating, Kris called it quits with the 34-year old boy toy several weeks ago and considered Gamble more of a rebound relationship than anything serious.

Some sources at The Daily Mail claim that Gamble, a low-level assistant to Justin Bieber, just wasn’t famous enough for Kris, though.

“Kris is an opportunist and has traded up men her whole life,” a source tells the Mail. “She is always looking for something bigger and better.”