Kodak Black Just PISSED Off Game; TI + Tank Disrespecting #NipseyHussle

Kodak Black Just PISSED Off Game; TI + Tank Disrespecting #NipseyHussle

Kodak Black has a lot to learn because he took to social media the other night with some disrespectful things to say about Nipsey Hussle who was shot and killed last Sunday.

Nipsey Hussle death was a senseless act of gun violence, he trying to make a change in his community to STOP GUN VIOLENCE. Unfortunately, he was killed before his meeting with the LAPD. All week, the hip hop community has been paying their respects to Nipsey, except for one rapper, Kodak Black who hasn’t learned “if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing.”

See, Kodak Black sparked outrage this weekend when he announced his intentions to romantically pursue Lauren London, the girlfriend of the recently slain rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Now he has PISSED off hip hop veteran heavyweights Game, TI, and Tank who have some words for hip hop newbie Kodak Black

CelebNMusic247.com supports The Game, T.I. and Tank for their words on Kodak Black being “outta pocket” and that he “NEEDS to fix it” expeditiously, according to Tip.

Kodak Black sparked outrage when he announced his intentions to romantically pursue Nipsey Hussle’s widowed girlfriend Lauren London:

Black said via Live:

Lauren London that’s baby, though. She about to be out here single. She’s finna be a whole widow out here. I’ll be the best man I can be for her. I’ll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and sh*t for him.

He continued:

I ain’t trying to shoot [my shot] at her. I’m saying, listen. She can do two, three years. I’ll try to be like the friend if you need to holla or a shoulder to lean on. She can call my line.

Check out his disgusting, tasteless, and utterly disrespectful comments he posted on Live:

It took all of 2 seconds for The Game to FIRE BACK! He was a bit more in your face with his warning shots, because he looks like he’s ready to beat some sense into Kodak Black being utterly ignorant.

As for, Tank, he takes the more mature road telling Kodak that he “wasn’t right” and that “was NOT the thing to say” in the wake of Nipsey’s tragic death.

Lastly, Power 106 has announced that they will no longer support or play Kodak Black on their station.

Let’s not forget that they are tied to New York, Chicago and Atlanta radio. If they put the word out, Kodak’s career can nose dive.

What will he do then? NOTHING! He’d just end up a local rapper without the major coin.

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