Damon Dash Talks DDTV + Dame Dash Studios Relaunch and New Content

Damon Dash Talks DDTV + Dame Dash Studios Relaunch and New Content

Billy Pablo the 3rd aka Damon Dash is his new name that accounts for the Instagram posts featuring Dash playing a guitar in his recently opened DDS33 studio in Burbank, California.

The former Roc-A-Fella Records producer is on to bigger and better things like his new shopping network DDTV and Dame Dash Studios relaunch which launched this week. Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Dame Dash has a lot happening these days like his DDTV, a shopping network, and Dame Dash Studios, a streaming service that relaunched this week with new programming.

Dame Dash Studios fetaures artists including Talib Kweli, Kanye West, comedian Torrei Hart, and Hassan, a new artist Dash is pushing.

Dash chopped it up with Complex this week talking about his new entrepreneur ventures. And for the record, the site wanted him to clarify if Damon Dash Studios was a relaunch?

Here is what the music mogul had to say:

Well, it has constantly been an evolution. So I’ve been aggregating content and putting it out for years. I had an internet television station in 2005. I invented the term “webisode,” so every time I do something, I launch it, but in this respect, it’s just a more evolved version with more content, and it’s with a lot more consistency.

As for the new content he speaks on Dame explains there are “docu-series like the Anthony Bourdain-type of thing where we run around the world.”

In addition to docu-series, Dame says there is also “scripted premium programming, Rocky [Ed. Note—Raquel Horn, Dame’s girlfriend],” who has a cooking show and music.

He states that his streaming service offers the “same everything that everyone else has, but way more swagger and without a filter,” and it’s “more authentic,” according to Dash.

Dame Dash also states:

I’ve got the OG series where I’m interviewing everyone that defines me and my mentality and people I respect. In the first episode, I have Calvin Klein. I got Dash Diabetes, which is all about me as a diabetic and the evolution that comes with it and making sure people understand how to evolve their care. As I learn something, I teach it. Then there’s the Culture Vulture stuff. There is everything. Then there’s a lot of the history and the things I was doing before.


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