Kodak Black Involved in Prison Fight

Kodak Black Involved in Prison Fight

According to multiple reports, rapper Kodak Black was involved in a prison fight, which left one correctional officer hospitalized.

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CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Miami news station, WPLG Local 10 who reports that the fight began between two inmates at the Federal Detention Center, where Kodak is currently incarcerated.

Somehow, Kodak Black allegedly became involved in the altercation.

Black (born Bill Kapri) got into a physical altercation with another inmate. The 22-year-old supposedly kicked the guard in the groin while he was trying to break up the brawl.

After the fight was broken up the guard was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for the injury. his condition at this time is unknown.

As for Kodak, who plead guilty to two counts of federal weapons charges, he remains behind bars. He was arrested back in May ahead of his Rolling Loud Festival performance in Miami and accused of falsifying information on federal forms while purchasing at least three firearms. Prosecutors allege that Kodak falsified the forms because he checked “no” when asked if he had any previous felony charges.

Here is the problem for Kodak. One of the guns Kodak purchased was later found at the scene of a shooting that occurred at Pompano Beach, FL this past March, according to authorities.

He still is facing charges for his ongoing sexual misconduct case, which began in 2016 in Southern California.

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