Kim & Kanye’s Baby Plans Revealed

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Kim & Kanye’s Baby Plans Revealed

According to inside source, Kim and Kanye be planning to have their unborn baby North in Paris.

The child would be a citizen of France, and why not, since Ye and his lady Kardashian seem to love the city of love.

The celebrity couple reveals where they want to have their first child.  Since Kim Kardashianand Kanye West have been spending a lot of time together back and forth between Paris and Los Angeles.Signs are pointing to the couple giving birth in Paris France.

It’s also been reported that the happy couple did check out hospitals in Paris, just as a precaution, according to the source.

Is this rumored speculation or real?

Well Hollywood Life spoke to an inside source who reveals details on the couples plans. – here are some highlights from their in depth interview with the new parents to be.

Kim Kardashian’s possible birth plans in Paris:

Kanye isn’t pressing Kim to have their baby in Paris. Wherever they both decide to have it, it’s going to be a mutual decision. It’s between them, really. No one else, not Kim’s mom or her family will dictate to them where they will have their baby.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Checking Out Hospitals In Paris:

When they were in Paris, yes, she did swing by a hospital to check out what it offered just in case she was stuck there and had to give birth. It was just a precaution. It isn’t like they both already decided to have their baby in Paris, and now are looking for a maternity ward. No, wasn’t like that at all.

Kim & Kanye Plans to Give Birth In Los Angeles:

Although Kim and Kanye love Paris, the plan is still to welcome their baby in Los Angeles since the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s entire family is on the West Coast. The insider says:

As far as I know, they’re having their baby in LA. It makes sense. Kanye’s got family here and all of Kim’s people are here, so LA would be my bet. Besides, Kim’s going to need a lot of her family around her once she pops and Kanye wants that for her — he wants everybody around, like the whole family when his baby comes.

Looks like Kim and Kanye’s child will be a California baby!

We will wait to see once July comes around and if Ye actually rents out an entire hospital floor like his pals Jay-Z and Beyonce.

What do you think?

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