Kandi Burruss Not Giving Up On Legal Battle Again Kim Zolciak

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsKandi Burruss Not Giving Up On Legal Battle Again Kim Zolciak

Ever since Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak recorded the 2009 song “Tardy For The Party,” which ended up being a hit, the two have be entangled in a legal battle over consent of the songwriter.

Kandi Burruss 37, co-wrote the song recorded by Zolciak, 35, and claimed that her former fellow cast member from The Real Housewives of Atlanta released and sold the song without obtaining the consent of the songwriter and has not paid her any royalties for the single.

According to Us Magazine reports. However, Zolciak disputed those claims made about the 2009 song “Tardy For The Party.”

While TMZ recently reported that Zolciak bested her in their legal battle, Burruss insists that is not entirely true.

“Kim really didn’t win. That was just one level of it,” Burruss told Us Weekly. “Now it goes back to other levels of the court and it’s still going on.”

Her statement came after Zolciak took to Twitter to seemingly speak about her legal win recently.

“The truth always prevails,” Zolciak tweeted. “Revenge can be bitter sweet but if you sit back and watch karma it can be pure entertainment. (SIC)”

Mike Paul, who represents Zolciak previously spoke out about the claims in the lawsuit.

“The lawsuit has absolutely no merit,” Paul told RadarOnline.com. “Kim’s attorney and account have double and triple checked everything that she’s done.”

Paul questioned why Burruss was choosing to seek legal action years after the release of the song.

“The timing is extremely suspicious for a number of reasons,” Paul told RadarOnline.com. “The song is almost four years old, why now?”

According to Paul, Zolciak paid her dues for the song.

“To date, Kim has written checks to Kandi and Don Vito in excess of $23,000,” Paul told RadarOnline.com. “In fact, we believe that Kim may have overpaid a portion of their share to date based on the actual record sales.”

However, Burruss revealed why she was still pursuing the legal battle.

“It’s just the principal of it at this point. It’s not about the money. I’m doing great otherwise,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s all just silly. It’s not a big deal to me. I’ve got my daughter and my fiance and am working on new music and a Broadway show that I will star in! So it’s all good.”