Jim Marchese Wants Teresa Giudice FIRED


Jim Marchese Wants Teresa Giudice FIRED!!!

Once again, Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie and resident ass, Jim Marchese Wants Teresa Giudice FIRED!

The bitter Jim Marchese, or shall we say biaaach of Real Housewives of New Jersey is sounding off

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbies Jim and Amber Marchese got a taste of reality TV fame, and they loved it. Now they’re not about to sit back and wait patiently for Teresa Giudice to get out of prison for a second helping.

In December, Amber insisted waiting for Teresa to film season seven would be “silly,” adding, “I think they have an excellent cast, as is, and we can carry on.” Later, Jim argued that Teresa wasn’t the star of the show. He even pointed out that the most talked about episodes from season six – the trip to Florida – had nothing to do with Teresa.

I think it’s safe to assume that no decisions have been made, still, because Jim continues to throw Teresa under the bus. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree with Jim, but desperate much? Can’t he just sit home and count his $8 million?

Jim most recent approach is in line with Heather Dubrow‘s opinion saying that Bravo shouldn’t keep felons – Joe and Teresa – on the payroll telling NY Daily News this week:

“I don’t think she should be on the show any longer.”

“I think glorifying a felon’s life is counterproductive, and I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

On a more serious note, Jim added:

“But Real Housewives of New Jersey is about families and dynamics. It isn’t about seeing how individuals can work our system, rip off the American people, not pay taxes, and then live a lifestyle that pretty much no one I know has.”

When asked if Bravo should fire Teresa, Jim said:

“In my opinion, yes. Every other business model has a code of ethics.”