Jim Marchese TEARS INTO Teresa and Gia Guidice



Jim Marchese TEARS INTO Teresa and Gia Guidice!!!

Now that Jim and Amber Marchese have quit Real Housewives of New Jersey there is no stopping Jim, now Jim Marchese TEARS INTO Teresa and Gia Giudice.

Like we said earlier, Jim must be having some female issues or something because the HATE IS REAL when it comes to the Marchese’s vs Giudice. The funny thing is that the Giudice family is #Unbothered by the whole thing, which is making Jim sound REAL THIRSTY!

Now that Amber Marchese and her husband Jim Marchese have quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey, they are ready to tell the truth about how they feel about Teresa Giudice!

Jim told RadarOnline.com that producers for the show are the ones who came up with the idea to have Amber call Teresa to talk about her criminal proceedings during the last season.

Amber Marchese’s husband started off saying:

“They asked her countless times to call Teresa about her criminal issues.”

The drama continued as they producers made Jim and Amber talk about the Giudices’ impending incarceration.

Jim reveals:

“They wanted us to talk about it because they felt the viewing audience wouldn’t understand it and because of my training, I could explain it.”

“They would have [Amber] call, and us talk about it.”

He adds:

“In truth, we could care less,” he said. “It has nothing to do us.”

It’s no surprise that the Marchese’s were NOT happy when filming for Season 7 was delayed because of Giudice.

Jim goes on to say:

“It is BS that the entire cast, especially my wife, had their filming put on hold because Tre and Joe committed several felonies and [Teresa is] sitting in jail.”

He claimed:

“Andy is clearly endorsing Tre’s behavior as it [RHONJ: Teresa Checks In] was focused on Tre and the sympathetic issues surrounding her kids.”

Jim was annoyed that the Teresa special focused on her young kids, adding:

“They were [shown] crying missing their mom and over-dramatized other hardships…”

Jim bitched:

“Not one scene was dedicated to the people she stole from, how their lives have been hurt or the children of families victimized by their crimes.”

He concluded:

“This show doesn’t fit who we are as people, our lifestyle, and who we are as a family.”

That isn’t the end of Jim Marchese’s wrath – Over the weekend, Jim went in for the kill attacking Joe and Teresa’s daughters, mainly their oldest Gia, who has been helping her father hold things down while he mom was serving some jail time, or as Teresa would say spa time.



On Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen pointed out how Amber and Jim have shown their kids on TV more than a few times. Well Jim took that opportunity to turn things around and speaking with All About the Tea, making clear distinctions between his children and the Giuidices’ daughters, Gia, 14, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 9, and Audriana, 6.

Jim stated:

My kids are always dressed and behave appropriately during our filming sessions.”

“Our children are in scenes with our family or friends, never in adult situations. NO talking heads! I cannot believe how Andy portrayed Gia and Joe [Giudice] allowed it.”

Then the 46-year-old father of four made some seriously aggressive comments against eldest Giudice daughter, Gia. CelebNMusic247.com really feels that Jim Marchese crossed the line and someone [Joe Giudice] should have a real good Italian style talk with him, if you know what we mean.

Jim basically called 14-year old Gia a hooker:

“In great contrast, 14-year old Gia Giudice, is seen dressed like a hooker working Hunts Point. Bravo production cakes on enough makeup on the girl to make her look like the crypt keeper.”

Meanwhile, Jim’s wife Amber spoke with RadarOnline.com, using the site to fire back at Bravo and Andy Cohen, justifying their decisions:

“He publicly criticized my decision to include my children on the show.”

“They crossed a line and so now, they get my iron fist response!”

Shortly after Jim and Amber’s attack, Andy Cohen weighed in on their criticism:

We don’t feel that Jim Marchese should be talking about Teresa and Joe Giudice’s daughter like that. It blatantly foul and nothing good will come of it. Jim has talked ish about every one of last season of RHONJ and we’ve NEVER since a man act like a b-tch on TV. He caused most of the problems for Amber.

Yes, Amber is a drama queen and expected everyone to flock to her, but Jim acted like a manipulative snake on RHONJ – he left viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. We loved Amber on the show, but Jim was like an annoying fly you just want smack with a fly swatter.

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