Jim Jones Supports Jay-Z + Criticizes Colin Kaepernick

Jim Jones Supports Jay-Z + Criticizes Colin Kaepernick

First and foremost, Jay Z would NOT have the opportunity that he has with NFL Commisioner Roger Godell if it was NOT for Colin Kaepernick kneeling and bringing awareness to an issue that was NEVER on Jay-Z’s radar. Let’s get that right from the jump.

Unfortunately, Jim Jones doesn’t see it that way, he is supporting Jay-Z regardless. Read on since Jim Jones Supports Jay-Z…

CelebNMusic247.com reports Roc Nation artist Jim Jones is highly opinionated when it comes to the news that Jay-Z sold out to the NFL.

Jim Jones reached out and offered his opinions on the Jay-Z which has remained private, but it is safe to say he’s supportive of a recent deal with the NFL.

The Harlem Diplomat stated that he did not agree with the tactics that Colin Kaepernick used to protest police brutality and racial injustice.

Capo also said his position on the matter came after a lengthy conversation with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur about activism, religion and more.

He told AllHipHop:

Black Power though, I’m with you, ya heard. But this (points to the Black power fist) don’t write no checks, ya heard! Only for Kaepernick ni##a, ya heard.

It’s known that both Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid was reportedly paid $10 million in its settlement of grievances by the NFL.

Jim said:

I wasn’t mad at him.

He adds:

That’s the only one that got the bag for this shit, ya heard. And what was it? And what it got back to business, right? We were mad at Kaepernick like the pastor that got the Bentley?

Jones concludes by breaking Kaepernick’s it down, saying:

He got the bag! He had to make sure his presentation could go further. That shit can’t go anywhere without the bag. Nike invested in him and everything. Fist up and kneeled down forever nigga. I’m in. But this what I’m telling you, its big business. It’s no way around it. The pastor gon gets the Bentley. Kaepernick gon gets the check. You might as well go get your fucking money, ya heard.

Thoughts? Do you agree with Jim or still take Kaepernick’s side?

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