Jim Jones FIRES BACK At 50 Cent Low Blow Trolling

Jim Jones FIRES BACK At 50 Cent Dragging Him With Informant Trolling

Jim Jones FIRES BACK At 50 Cent Low Blow Trolling!

What ya trying to say 50 Cent? Jimmy ain’t having it!

Hip-hop veteran and Dipset member Capo is responding to the shade thrown his way from on-again, off-again rap troll 50 Cent. Read on to read why Jim Jones has FIRED BACK at 50 Cent dragging him with informant trolling…

CelebNMusic247.com Jim Jones took to Instagram Wednesday and didn’t hold back on responded to Fif’s informant trolling.

The 43-year-old rap star Capo, born Joseph Guillermo Jones II, updated fans on his jailed protégé Jamel ‘Mel Murda’ Jones who is connected to a Tekashi 6ix9ine federal racketeering case.

Today, news broke that 6ix9ine could be released due to the coronavirus pandemic, 50 apparently geeked out while taking a stab at Capo on insta.

Jim Jones posted this update about Melly:

Melly said he doin super fine You have to watch out for these so call real ones thts routing for rats to come home and And wanna see real nighas go to jail Any nigha th needs to try n tarnish another mans name for personal gain has to b a hoe why else would he have my dick so far down his throat lol ? pause.

A few hours ago, Fif reacted to reports about Tekashi 6ix9ine possibly getting out of prison early as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Curtis also took things further by subliminal below the belt jab at Jim Jones and his alleged phone recording with Mel Murda.

Check 50 Cent Low Blow Trolling!

50 Cent posted:

??Now associate1 ya gonna have to tell everybody how you were on tape in court on the phone coaching Mel. to super duper violate shorty but the Feds never picked you up because you are doing your job Confidential informant.

Hip Hop #FACTS:

In October 2019, Mel Murda received over 11 years behind bars for his involvement with Nine Trey gang. The punishment came months after he pleaded guilty to narcotics and racketeering charges.

Mel, who according to the government attained the highest rank of “Godfather” in the “street lineup” of Nine Trey, has long been a close friend of Jim Jones. Mel was a part of Jim’s Byrdgang rap collective and appears on a ton of tracks with the Dipset capo. In addition, at the trial of Nine Trey members Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack, Jim Jones was identified as the previously unknown “Individual-1” during an infamous wiretapped phone call with Mel which discussed how 6ix9ine had to be “super-violated” for disavowing Nine Trey during a November 2018 appearance on The Breakfast Club. – (Complex)


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