Jhonni Blaze Goes 0 to 100 on Precious Paris


Jhonni Blaze Goes 0 to 100 on Precious Paris!?!

Love and Hip Hop NY is filled to the brim with drama on tonight’s episode when Jhonni Blaze Goes 0 to 100 on Precious Paris in the studio.

Precious Paris is having issues with Rich Dollaz and instead of being professional she shows everyone why no one wants to work with her. She was the new G-Unit princess, but she got shelved and if this is how she acts we understand why.

Now, Precious is having trust issue with Rich and as usual Dollaz Entertainment aka Drama Entertainment is dealing with two women fight for Rich’s attention.

Precious Paris rudely enters Jhonni Blaze’s studio session to confront Rich Dollaz, calling him a liar, which kicks Jhonni Blaze from 0 to 100.


Check the recap:

Over at Platinum Sound Studios in Midtown NYC, Richie and Jhonni Blaze are in the studio, and she doesn’t sound half bad. Rich is hooking up with his boy Star on the boards to get her to the next level. He tells her that he will help get her on cruise control, but once again he say he don’t need no contracts. That is when Precious Paris pulls a pop up on Jhonni’s studio session. She rudely walks in interrupting the session and then gets smart when Jhonni says this is my session. She pops off saying, “oh is this your session?” She confronts Rich, telling him that she wants him to make time for her and that she wants 100% or nothing.

Jhonni asks Precious to take this outside of the studio and Paris goes off calling Rich a liar and that this is what she was talking about. She wants a manager who can give her the attention she needs. Rich defends himself, telling her that they spoke about it at the mini-golf. Jhonni asks again to have her take it outside because she goes 0 to 100 real quick and that’s when Precious turn her anger at Jhonni whose ready to get froggy and jump. Jhonni goes 0 to 100 and the two end up having a hair pulling fight in the studio like Karen and Natalie on Mob Wives.



Do you think Precious Paris was right or wrong to intrude on Jhonni Blaze’s studio session? What would you do?