Jessica Dime Reveals Why She Started Dancing


Jessica Dime Reveals Why She Started Dancing!!!

Jessica Dime made her name as a stripper in the legendary Miami strip club, King Of Diamonds so Jessica Dime Reveals Why She Started Dancing.

Dime reveals that stripping became a drug for her making it rain every night in the club, but Dime says that she was always about the money. She reveals that she was going to college while her man was taking care of her until he got in trouble.

After the money stop coming in to keep her in school, she moved to Miami and became a stripper. In this interview with Vlad TV, Jessica reveals that Lil Wayne dropped the most cash at the club on a consistent basis.


She said:

“Wayne used to come in every week and spend fifty, sixty thousand,” she explains. Later, she discusses the “surgical enhancements.”

When it comes to enhancements, Dime says that she said she got breast implants and fat transfer to her butox, but she doesn’t believe in the illegal but injections because you can die from that.

Wait until you her what she has to say about Joseline Hernandez who cut ties with all the women she worked with at King Of Diamonds. 

Listen to a very interesting interview with Jessica Dime: