Draya Is NOT Feeling Jackie NEED For Constant Validation


Draya Is NOT Feeling Jackie NEED For Constant Validation!!!

Basketball Wives LA oldest star, Jackie Christie is up to her high school ways again but Draya Is NOT Feeling Jackie NEED For Constant Validation.

You would think Christie is old enough to stop acting like a teenager desperately wanting validation from her “so-called” friends, but the insecure reality star is has begun to grow jealous of Draya.


See, Draya is friends with Angel Brinks and as always Jackie is trying to manipulate her way into the mix. Christie seems to be one of those girls who was always the outcast of the bunch and now that she’s on TV she feels the need to be the queen bee. The only problem is she looks completely foolish.

Jackie and Draya have what you could easily describe as a roller coaster relationship, so Jackie is more than a little put off with Draya continuing to defend and stick up for Angel.

Watch the clip to hear Draya’s sharp reaction that “Jackie needs validation every five minutes. Validation is for parking, boo, not for people.”

Check it:

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