Jessica Dime And Mimi Bump Heads


Jessica Dime And Mimi Bump Heads

In an attempt to win back Jessica Dime, Mimi tries to explain that she was trying to introduce to Jazzy Faye but Jessica Dime And Mimi Bump Heads.

While Jessica claims to be an artist and that she take her craft seriously, but if that is the case why haven’t we heard anything yet? We know she was signed to Flo Rida, but he obviously shelfed her… and if she acted like she did with Jazzy Faye it all makes sense.

Don’t bring the hood up in the studio…leave it at the door!

We are sorry but Jessica was wrong how she disrespected Jazzy and Mimi was wrong to have had Tiffany Fox show up, but what do you expect from to people who are green. They both showed us all they have a lot to learn in their “craft” so maybe it’s NOT a good idea for MF Management to rep Dime.


Like Jazzy said Mutha F-cking Management, NOT a good look Mimi, because having that aired on TV makes you look terrible at managing. As for Jessica, She NEEDS to stop, because she was totally out of line, it was Mimi’s meeting NOT a recording session. Get your facts right boo boo!

Watch Mimi looking thirsty like a camel in the desert when she meets with Jessica Dime to clear the air:

Come on Mimi, you don’t need Dime.

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