Jay Z Blasted Adding Meghan Trainor in NFL Social Justice Concert

JAY-Z Blasted For Meghan Trainor NFL Inclusion

Since Jay Z partnered with the NFL he has NOT been a fan favorite of hip hop heads except for his fellow rappers praising his money moves.

But we are hearing that Jay Z put his foot in his mouth when the NFL and Roc Nation announced the Inspire Change Apparel and Songs of The Season initiatives through their Inspire Change social justice platform. Read on…

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that JAY-Z and Roc Nation’s announcement revealed the Inspire Change Advocates, Meek Mill, Meghan Trainor, and Rapsody, will perform at a free concert during the NFL Kickoff Experience presented by EA Sports Madden NFL 20 on September 5 in Chicago at Grant Park.

The problem that many hip hop fans are having is that Meghan Trainor will be representing Roc Nation and the NFL as an Inspire Change advocate.

Instantly Black Twitter started sounding off FURIOUS that Meghan Trainor has been added to the NFL.

Opinions on the online platform ranged in tone from accusatory claims the rap billionaire had sold out his community, to general remorse and or disdain for Trainor, widely known for her host role on the TV show The Four.

We get it, Jay Z is going to use this platform to have concerts, but it is exactly what a concert and a way to sell apparel. In no way will it change people from the racism that exists.

Why do we say this? Because, only people who are NOT racist will attend, and the bigots, white supremacists, and racist will still NOT be in attendance. There will be no change, just smoke and mirrors of a thought, vision or theory will be sold.

Here is what is being said on Twitter over Jay Z adding a white person to the first concert to make a change which proves racism is stronger than ever with the reactions:

And people wonder why everyone says Jay Z is a sellout who sold his soul? #SMH

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