Is Wonder Woman A Batman vs Superman Prequel


Is Wonder Woman A Batman vs Superman Prequel???

Marvel’s live action Wonder Woman is swirling in RUMORS with production just a few weeks away people are question now if Wonder Woman A Batman vs Superman Prequel?

Could the RUMORS be true about the upcoming Wonder Woman film? previously reported that the upcoming Wonder Woman film stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine will and be directed by Patty Jenkins.

With that said, JoBlo recently posted this Q&A about the upcoming live action movie, Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. Take-it-with-a-fistful-of-salt report purports to answer all of those questions. But what remains is the question “Will the invisible jet make an appearance?” and “Which other big DC character is making a cameo?”

Here is what JoBlo is saying about the movie plot saying:


When does Wonder Woman take place?

Some of it in World War I, more of it in the modern-day. Although by “modern day,” we mean “a few months before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Yep, it’s a prequel.

What is Wonder Woman about?

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman trying to stop Circe and Ares from starting World War III in the present day.

What is Wonder Woman like?

Super mythological — “the Thor of the DCCU,” apparently. Expect Ares commanding an army of winged demons, Circe turning into a Chimera-like monster, stuff like that.


Will the invisible jet be in the movie?

Yes, but not a ton. One of its jobs will be getting Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor off Paradise Island.

How about another Justice Leaguer?

Yep. Batman will cameo at some point in the middle of the movie, and then meet her after the finale. That’s when they establish the relationship that brings her into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

That’s the quick and dirty rundown. For much, much more, including info on what the villains’ plans are, what their costumes will look like, what Batman’s doing, and when we’ll see the invisible jet,.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wonder Woman opens on June 23, 2017