Iggy Azalea Stopped Dealing With Playboi Carti Because He Was “Cruel”

Iggy Azalea Stopped Dealing With Playboi Carti Because He Was "Cruel"

Iggy Azalea Stopped Dealing With Playboi Carti Because He Was “Cruel”!

In a recent interview with XXL Playboi Carti, who recently came out as gay,  had a lot of nice things to say about the mother of his child Iggy Azalea…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that since the article ran on Tuesday (April 12), Azalea has pushed back on most of Carti’s kind words…

Iggy Azalea even said Carti was so cruel to her she had to cut him off completely.

Carti said in the interview:

I’m a father. You know what I’m saying? You know how it is having kids. I just got responsibilities. I pay a lot of bills. I take care of a lot of people. I take care of my mom. I take care of my family. I take care of my baby mom [and] I take care of my son. There’s a lot of people I take care of. So, it’s like, I gotta keep doing it.

Carti brought up the “Fancy” rapper again toward the end of his interview, going out of his way to make sure Azalea’s name was included in the article.

He said:

Just make sure [to put in] that I love my baby mother. It definitely needs to be known that [Iggy] is the best mother in the world. My son is perfect. He’s too perfect. I need to rough him up a little bit.

Azalea responded to all of Carti’s claims mere hours after the article went live. She accused him of getting “carried away” and said those compliments were all smoke and mirrors.

She wrote in reply to a Twitter fan on Wednesday (April 13) who noted all the nice things Carti had said:

You’ve been mislead. I don’t fuck with a man I’m not even remotely on good terms with claiming he pay my bills. I pay my bills. Secondly, saying nice things for an interview sounds great but in real life he talks to me like shit so badly I had to stop all direct contact.

She continued:

His team has been calling about the interview, hoping for my silence because they know what my reaction would be. I do appreciate being called a great mom but when that’s not reflective of what he has to say in real life I’d much rather be left out of being mentioned at all.