Hazel E FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood



Hazel E FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood?!?

According to the RUMOR MILL Hazel E FIRED From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood now that filming has wrapped up for the reunion for season two of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

That is the talk spreading around the Internet. CelebNMusic247.com previously reported that Hazel E announced that she has quit the series, but she didn’t go into much detail.

Hazel-E told followers on her social media that she decided to walk away from the hit reality show and will not appear in the following season. What CelebNMusic247.com also learned is that Hazel thought she should leave because her rumored boo Katt Williams told her she can do much better than reality television.

Now was that Hazel trying to save face?

Here is what is now being said since LHHH2 is coming to an end and new sources are claiming that Hazel was actually fired from the series.


Could that be true?

CelebNMusic247.com has heard via Celebrity Tea, Ray J blurted out that Hazel was fired from the show at the reunion:

“Several cast mates, including Milan, Miles, Willie from Day 26 and his wife, took this time to thank Hazel-E for giving them the opportunity to be on the show. The rapper then stated that if she were to receive producer credits she would consider returning.

This must not have sat well with a former Hazel-E fan and close friend Ray J as he frantically turned up and chimed in coming for Hazel-E claiming that Mona did not want her anymore and that she was getting fired anyway.

On again off again best friend Teairra Mari jumped to her wing woman’s defense shouting Ray J was crazy and confirmed that her and Hazel-E put the show together and that Hazel wrote and presented the entire Hollywood concept. She went on to say that Ray J was jealous that he wasn’t considered to be a main influencer in this idea since he is the self proclaimed “king of reality television.”

What do you think?

Do you believe that Hazel E was FIRED from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood or did she leave?