Glamour Girls Day Spa Claps Back at Lil Scrappy


Glamour Girls Day Spa Claps Back at Lil Scrappy

Earlier this week Lil Scrappy may have crossed the line when calling Atlanta Salon Glamour Girls Day Spa “racist” for canceling his daughter’s birthday party last weekend. has learned that the salon owner, who claims she only 86’d the event … because Scrappy showed up nearly 2 hours late.

See there is always threes sides to every story his, theirs and the truth. We reported at the top of the week that Scrappy was FURIOUS on Sunday when he, his daughter and her friends were all 86’d from the Glamour Girls Day Spa. Scrappy insisted that the owner Angela Shannon refused to serve him and his fam because they’re black.

Now, GGD Spa owner, Angela Shannon tells TMZ she was forced to pull the plug on Scrappy’s 3 PM reso because she had other people waiting, and after TWO hours of waiting, she had to move on. She insists it had NOTHING to do with race. The only problem with this is that the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Scrappy and his baby mama Erica Dixon claim otherwise.  Scrappy claims he was only 20 minutes late.

As for allegations she only refunded half his money, Angela says she sent Scrappy a FULL refund (for $275.42) and has proof.


Now, imagine Lil Scrappy hanging out at this place: