Future Storms off Stage


Future Storms off Stage

Future Storms off Stage leaving his fans who paid the see the auto tune rapper high and dry!

Atlanta rapper can’t seem to shake his reputation and CelebNMusic247.com has come to realized that Future is known for being a bit of a diva and NOT the most professional artist when it comes to touring.

Maybe if he did a sound check before his fans came to the venue, the sound issues would have been worked out and he would have walked off stage?

This is NOT the fist time Future angered a club owner after refusing to show up to a performance. This past week Future was paid for a live show at SXSW on Saturday at Emos but walked off after he didn’t like the way he sounded so he stormed off stage and left fans high and dry. And what worse is he was already paid for the venue.

Now thanks to a source who tells Illseed of AllHipHop, CelebNMusic247.com has the details of what went down in Austin, Texas.

The source reveals:

“Anyway, future gets on stage to perform his one hour set and the sound isn’t to his liking. He says into the Mic something to the effect of fix the sound or I’m leaving. They take one or two minutes then they start the music. He rapped for about 10-15 seconds max then stopped.

Then he walked off stage saying he warned them and he’s done. This non rapping MF walked off stage and left everybody hanging.

I just had to tell someone because I know a lot of his fans were upset. People waited in line for over 4 hours to see him.”