French Montana Must Pay $130K After Loosing Dog Bite Suit

French Montana Looses Dog Bite Suit

French Montana Must Pay $130K After Loosing Dog Bite Suit!

Rapper French Montana just got screwed by his pooch, because a jury just awarded his pool guy a bunch of money over French’s dog biting the man. No offense to Montana, but the jury ruled correctly on this one if you ask us. Get more info on French Montana looses dog  lawsuit…

French Montana Looses Dog Bite Suit

Instagram/French Montana loves dogs, but if your dog attacks someone and bites them, then the owner is responsible to pay for the injures.

According to reports, a California jury found French’s German Shepherd, Zane, was the culprit in the gnarly attack against Juan Lomeli — the dude who sued FM way back in 2018.

You’ll recall … Lomeli alleged at the time French’s pet lost it on him while he was doing his job on the grounds, lunging at him and sinking its teeth into his arm, causing a nasty and painful injury.

Lomeli — who was represented by attorney Brad Wallace — testified the injuries were severe enough for him to miss a substantial amount of time working … which he claimed cost him serious dough he would’ve otherwise made.

Looks like this case has been working its way through the legal system … and now, a jury has weighed in — awarding Lomeli a whopping $129,500 in damages.

Here’s how the judgment breaks down — $39,500 in past economic loss, $60k in non-economic loss (pain/suffering etc.), and another $30k for future non-economic loss.

NOTE: French still has Zane. He was not subject to lethal injection, French’s dog is entitled to one bite, but he cost money.

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