Erica Mena Throw’s Chrissy Under The Bus


Erica Mena Throw’s Chrissy Under The Bus!?!

Erica Mena makes her mark and continues to stir the pot on the Love & Hip Hop Season 5 Reunion Pt 1 when Erica Mena Throw’s Chrissy Under The Bus.

Erica is really on one as she unleashes on her fellow cast members that she’s NOT feeling. Mena makes sure to let everyone know that she is moving on and is done with all of them.


She doesn’t care who she offends along the way especially Chrissy Monroe who Mena claims that she helped her to get on the show. She goes on to say let them have their 15 minutes of fame and trash talk her because she no longer cares what they have to say.


Watch Erica Mena literally throw Chrissy under the bus:


Was Erica Mena too much???