Chrissy’s Fans CLAPS BACK at Erica Mena


Chrissy’s Fans CLAPS BACK at Erica Mena!!!

On the Love and Hip Hop Season 5 Reunion Pt 1 Chrissy’s Fans CLAPS BACK at Erica Mena’s Comments after watching Mena throw her under the bus.

Mena was really on one tonight and she was vicious and foul talking down to Chrissy Monroe saying that she just hopes the one day Chrissy can finally get herself a burger and eat it without having to sleep with someone to get the money for the burger.


Mena was cold while she spoke to Mona Scott-Young in a private one on one interview separate from the cast, who she says is beneath her. Mena is really feeling herself since she will soon be married to Shad Moss aka Bow Wow.

We previous spoke about Erica Mena throwing Chrissy Monroe under the bus in an attempt to make herself look better that everyone else.


Chrissy fans didn’t take Erica Mena foul-mouthed words against Chink Santana’s now ex girlfriend, so they CLAPPED BACK on social media saying:



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what do you think of Erica Mena and what she had to say about Chrissy not being able to have kids and that she is a hoe?