Drake Body Shamed for Sculpted Abs; He Responds

Drake Body Shamed Sculpted Abs; He Responds

Things heated up this weekend when Drake posted a photo on the ‘Gram.

Instantly, fans started ripping Drake and his chiseled physique after a shirtless photo of himself was posted for all his 57 million Instagram followers to see. Read on to see why Drake Body Shamed over abs photo…

Drake Body Shamed Sculpted Abs; He Responds

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Drizzy Drake came under fire when fans questioned his abs asking if he had lipo-sculpting or liposuction?

The photo of Drake was harmless, but his abs looked a bit worked on according to viewers of the picture. (above)

Though, Drake’s abs picture prompted comments from his famous friends including DJ Carnage, who joked that Drake had undergone plastic surgery to get his six-pack abs.

Carnage wrote:

You got fake ab surgery in Colombia…You ain’t foolin anybody.

Drake Body Shamed Sculpted Abs; He Responds

It didn’t take long for Drake to clap back, asking the DJ:

Is this cause you are angry about the one thing that happened with that one person the other day that you thought was your wifey.

But it was all in good fun. Drizzy informed his followers that the two were simply joking with each other.

He said:

Aye relax we friends in real life.

This isn’t the first time Drake has been accused of undergoing surgery.

Back in 16, Joe Budden dissed the 6 God for his “sculpted” physique saying:

Yeah Aubrey that’s the one we trusted / Not this new Aubrey with his stomach sculpted / I’m disgusted, you’re such a fuckin’ incumbent.

What do you think? Real or Liposuction?

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