DMX Locked Up


DMX Locked Up!!!

Yes it’s true, Earl Simmons is back behind bar again after failing to comply with a family court ruling, so once again DMX Locked Up in jail.

On Tuesday in Buffalo, NY, has learned that DMX has been thrown back in jail for 6 months.

This is NOT the first run with the law for the Dark Man X aka DMX who has a history of issues with child support. Especially with one of his baby mamas who lives in the area, and it finally caught up with him.

He was slapped with a 6 month sentence, and immediately locked up in Erie County Holding Center.

Apparently DMX time has run out since he’s been repeatedly arrested for all sorts of violations, but hasn’t done hard time since 2011 … when he did a 7 month bit in AZ.


Sorry to hear about the news X, but maybe now he can get a clear vision and start doing right for himself instead of acting like a teenage boy.

Doesn’t it seem like DMX has been going through a mid life crisis denying the fact that he’s in his 40’s now and he NEEDS to stop screwing up?

At least Orange is the New Black has made prison jumpsuit popular this time around. We wonder if he’ll be writing songs about “I Kissed a Boy” this time around.

At least he would have to worry about baby mama’s and child support. #LOL



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