Benzino Stopped By Police


Benzino Stopped By Police!!!

Benzino Stopped By Police, the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was pulled over by cops on Tuesday in Georgia but luckily let go. got the news first hand via Benzino who took to social media talking about his almost ticket by GAPD.  Zino posted a video on his Instagram saying that when the cops realized who he was, they wanted to take pictures.

He went on to say that he got out of the car and posed for a couple quick picks and then the police let him go.

Zino wrote this about his run in:

“Just got pulled over……and the officer was SUPERCOOL he said he been a fan so I hoped out the whip AND WE TOOK A SELFIE!!! ???????????? GOD BLESS AMERICA! WHEWWWWW!!!!”


Here is what Benzino had to say about the almost run in with police:

It’s never fun having a run in with police but that’s cool that they only wanted some photo opts. We best Benzino was sweating when he saw those flashing lights behind him.