Did Young Dolph Slip Up Promoting Makedas Cookies

Did Young Dolph Slip Up Promoting Makedas Cookies

Did Young Dolph Slip Up Promoting Makedas Cookies?

Last week, Memphis rapper Young Dolph revealed his favorite cookie spot, Makedas Cookies, a place that he frequents and a week later he is murdered at that location.


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CelebnMusic247.com always states never post your favorite spots and never tell people your path home or show your home on social media.

Social media makes it easy for a stalker, or killer to find out your every move and location.

Just six days before he was gunned down while buying his favorite cookies hot out the over, rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed at Makedas Cookies in Memphis.

Last week, Dolph had no clue that promoting his favorite spot he goes to when he returns to Memphis was going to get him killed.

He posted this video saying:

Young Dolph says every time he comes home he has to stop by Makedas Cookies.

Whoever killed Dolph, knew he was returning home and would be at his favorite Cookie spot, so his post gave up his location, just like Pop Smoke did when he accidentally posted his home address in an Instagram post.

Social media is NOT your friend when you have beef in the hip-hop community. Following his death, Memphis has issued a curfew. Since the shooting many are looking at Memphis rapper Yo Gotti and the beef he had with Dolph.

We send our condolences to Young Dolph’s family, friends and fans. He will be missed.