Did Fizz Catch Amanda Cheating Again


Did Fizz Catch Amanda Cheating Again?!?

Did Fizz Catch Amanda Cheating Again? While driving to Fizz son’s game Amanda gets a voice text for a dinner reservation in Miami which sets off Fizz. He instantly questions her truth.

Sometimes its hard for all of us to see the truth when dating. In this case, Amanda is NOT ready to be a mommy for Fizz.

Could Omarion be right that Fizz is looking for a mom or a live in baby sitter so he can tour???

Drew aka Fizz questions Amanda’s loyalty when she gets a voice text to confirm a reservation in Miami. See Amanda cheated on drew with a dude from Miami and then got an apartment for him in her name when he comes to LA.

Fizz, who has a son to raise, has been trying to get Amanda, 25, to move in, but she admits that she is hesitant and is only in her twenties. She is unsure of moving in and becoming a mommy. She is NOT sure if she is really ready, but tonight she may NOT have to worry after her cellphone alerts her of a mysterious dinner reservation that comes through from the 305 (Florida).

Amanda and Fizz get into a heated fight in the SUV when he asks to see her call log on her phone and she refuses. Fizz, obviously having trust issues and heartbroken realizes she is NOT being truthful, so he takes her home and is done of her.


Do you feel she is being truthful or hiding her Miami lover from Fizz?