Dave Chappelle Walks Off Stage

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Dave Chappelle  finally made his return to the stage to give fans a taste of what they’ve yearning for but last (Aug 29) night during his show in Hartford, Connecticut at the Comcast Theatre he walked off!

Dave Chappelle has MADE IT CLEAR that he doesn’t want to live the Hollywood kind of life, so he moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio where he says he can just live as a normal person.   However, the comedian has decided to make a brief return to stand up, and he’s currently headlining the “Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Tour” that has him gracing stages throughout the country.

Multiple news outlets in Connecticut are reporting he got frustrated with the crowd after some of the audience began yelling during his routine. Some sources say he sat on the stool on stage for about thirty minutes smoking a cigarette and telling the crowd how “awful” they were before walking out. And some in attendance claim the comedian actually started his routine but stopped a few minutes into it because the audience refused to quiet down.

Although most of the media is pretty much putting all the blame on Dave, but thanks to a reader of Urban Belle exclusively tipped us off and told us it’s actually the audience’s fault he walked off the stage.

Here what went down:

“I was there last night. Dave Chappelle got so frustrated he just walked right off the stage. I’m not upset because he told us at the very beginning that he doesn’t tolerate heckling during his show and he would end the show if people wouldn’t quiet down. Some people in the audience were drunk and cracking jokes about Rick James and Dave had enough about five minutes into his routine. It was terrible because he couldn’t even get a word in without someone being obnoxious and yelling! A lot of people are demanding a refund but I don’t blame Dave at all. The venue was too small, people were too drunk and out of control and I knew it was going to end badly when he walked on the stage. They were just as obnoxious to the other performers.”

Others in attendance claim the crowd was just excited to see Dave and they were only yelling how much they loved him.

We understand Dave Chappelle being a primadonna and wanting things to go his way, but his fans love him and he was hired to do a job – its a business and he gets paid to perform that is his job, like it or NOT!

Get the chip off your shoulder Dave Chappelle, no matter how much you hate the crowd you still have to perform! There is no excuse for any of that! And if you hate that then stop touring and go back to living a normal life.

FYI: Don’t be rude to the fans that made you famous and got you all your money – they just like you and love your comedy man- no matter what your rebelling from it’s not the fans fault!

Just being real!