Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson Admits To Cheating


Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson Admits To Cheating!!!

After all the denials Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson Admits To Cheating on Keyshia Cole during their marriage.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned via NecoleBitchie.com that Boobie has come clean and is now speaking out about his affair:

He admits:

“No, that’s not a fact. There was an incident in the inside of our relationship where I was unfaithful to Keyshia. We tried to work it out like most people do.

But that wasn’t even- when that happened between me and Keyshia- that wasn’t even publicized. Everything else was publicized between the two of us but that was something that we tried to work through.”

Boobie gives his perspective on making mistakes :

“Well yeah. I just think that some people can forgive and some people can understand that some people make mistakes, whatever the case may be. I, for one, think that cheating should never happen. And I’m not going to get up here and try to make an excuse for how she might have acted or my pride or my ego or any of that because I did a lot of self-evaluation after me and her relationship and I know what I want out of life [now]. I know what I want out of a woman. I know that I’m capable of giving a woman everything she deserves and needs. I just think sometimes things happen. And I don’t think God makes mistakes and everything happens for a reason and we all grow the way we should grow.

So as crazy as it sounds, I think everything that happened to me, it happened for a reason. Because out of it all, it showed me what I really want. How to cherish and respect and all of the things I might have neglected or I might have not done well in my last situation, I’ve learned through the depression I went through after losing Keyshia and I felt like [I lost] my son too in the sense that I couldn’t be with him every day. That whole thing took me into a deep depression. And in that depression I kind of found out a lot of things about myself.”

He clarifies his views on divorce:

“I think people got that quote wrong. When I said I didn’t believe in divorce, I meant that I didn’t believe in being the one to facilitate it. I would never- if I say ‘I do,’ and whatever happens in the middle of that, I’m going to try and work it out. Now, if in fact, my spouse decides that she is unhappy, you can’t force happiness. You can’t force a situation because then you’ll just be unhappy. Yeah, I would go through with it and I will still be a father to my son and a friend to her, if she ever needs it. But that’s what I meant when I said I didn’t believe in divorce. I would never be the one to go to the courts and tell them that I don’t want to be in a relationship anymore.”

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