Keyshia Cole Getting Divorced

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsKeyshia Cole Getting Divorced:

Streets is talking and we’re hearing that Keyshia Cole may be divorcing Daniel ‘Booby’ Gibson!

Keyshia Cole has been getting a lot of attention lately but not for anything positive.

The ‘bi-racial’ diva has been burning bridges left and right after beefing with Destiny’s Child member Michelle William on Super Bowl Sunday.

The hate filled tweets left many wondering what had died up Keyshia’s cooch to make her so bitter…

Well, it looks like a bad marriage will do that.

Last night Keyshia left some not so subtle sub-tweets directed at her baller hubby:

Here’s the Tweet:

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  • Her attitude is just stink, and i am glad booby getting rid of the non singing whinning woman. i feel for her son because he stuck with keisha for a mother.