Dame Dash “Everyone Already Knows Jay Z Ain’t Sh-t”

Dame Dash Already Knew Jay Z "Ain't Sh-t"

Former Roc-a-Fella co-founder and friend Dame Dash is weighing in on Jay-Z’s NFL Deal!

Right off the top Dame Dash lets it be known that “everyone knows Jay ain’t sh-t!” Read on…


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Dame Dash speaks on Jay Z’s new NFL deal in his new interview.

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CelebNMusic247.com has the latest from Damon “Dame” Dash who is now speaking on mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and his historic deal with the NFL that has pissed off many hip hop fans and others in the industry.

Jay-Z support of Colin Kaepernick is void now that he has disrespected the former NFL quarterback on numerous levels.

Dame Dash spoke with the “No Jumper” podcast that the media shouldn’t be surprised at the rumor of Jay undercutting JD. One thing Dame makes clear is that Jay has had shady business practices for years:

Everyone knows Jay ain’t sh*t. Listen, if you ask anyone in the industry, it’s common knowledge that Jay ain’t sh*t. He’s about the bag. We all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period. It’s just the people he does it to don’t have Beyoncé next to them. They don’t have that kind of a power. This dude here, everyone’s looking. It’s not even like a secret.

Dame continued:

Y’all just mad he betrayed him. Why y’all not mad he betrayed everybody else? How many betrayals have we talked about with Jay? This ain’t the first one! For me, I’m like, ‘Big deal! He f*cks everybody over!’ Jermaine Dupri’s stupid for listening to him!

According to Dame, Jay Z has always been a shady “friend” – he states that Hov would often undercut him for the attention of women.

He added:

So I just think he kinda like—he used to do that sh-t…it’s not even like a secret. He’d do that sh-t to me with girls. I’ll be talking to a chick and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, she asked me to do this, that and the third.’ And he’d be like, ‘I wouldn’t do it.’ And then the next day he’s done wifed her. And I’d be like, ‘Oh, that some funny sh-t.’ You know what you dealing with when you’re dealing with Jay.

Dame Dash adds that Jay Z cheated him out of compensation for the hip-hop classic, “Reasonable Doubt:”

I fight for the culture! I don’t care what he do!… I don’t care bro! I don’t make no money from that. What I am mad about is I haven’t seen a ‘Reasonable Doubt’ royalty in, like, 10 f*ckin’ years, and I wanna know where my money is.

One thing we have to say is this, Dame knows Jay Z better than anyone in the hip hop industry. He was there and saw everything first-hand, so who are you gonna believe Freddie Gibbs, DJ Khaled, Jim Jones? Nah, Dame is speaking from experience. Those rappers are just bitting so they can keep ties and look good in Jay’s eyes. Politics!

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