Chris Pine Bares Magnificent Banana in New Movie

Chris Pine Bares Magnificent Banana in New Movie

Ladies this is 100% all about the handsome Chris Pine and his eggplant!

Now, anyone who saw Wonder Woman got a first look at a naked Chris Pine who showed off what he was working with when it comes to his backside, but now he’s done a full frontal and everyone is in Awww! Read on to learn about Chris Pine crowd-pleasing moments in The Outlaw King

Chris Pine Bares Magnificent Banana in New has received word that Chris Pine has dazzled moviegoers with his magnificent banana clip at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Chris Pine is in the upcoming historical epic The Outlaw King. Pine plays 14th-century Scottish lord Robert the Bruce, who, in this telling, won back the nation’s independence by sneaking around, murdering all the English people he could find, and then burning his own castles.Vulture

The movie is said to very good, but what has everyone talking is the crowd-pleasing moment when Chris Pine reveals his huge member.

That’s right! The star apparently does two nude scenes in the film, one from behind and one that is FULL FRONTAL!

It’s described as being a quick shot from a distance as Robert the Bruce disrobes for a swim, but apparently, no one blinked as critics of all walks couldn’t help but mention:


Yes, Chris Pine is HUNG like Safaree Samuels and Jaquae!

Well, if that doesn’t entice you to watch, remember — it’s on Netflix so you can fast-forward and pause on the crowd-pleasing moment that will have your mouth hit the floor.

Here is what he told the Hollywood Reporter recently:

#WinkWink #Nice

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