Chris Brown Settles Assault & False Imprisonment Case

Chris Brown Settles Assault & False Imprisonment Case with Ex-Manager

Chris Brown has some good news for once, he just got a case settled ahead of “Indigo” release.

Read on for more details on Chris Brown settles assault & false imprisonment case with his ex-manager…

Chris Brown Settles Assault & False Imprisonment Case reports that Chris Brown can breathe a bit easier since he has settled his assault & false imprisonment case with his ex-manager Mike G.

See, Mike G. had accused Brown of false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, and breach of contract.

Both Chris Brown and his former manager Mike G. have been hashing it out in court for the past few years but now, they’ve informed the court that they’ve reached a resolution to their issues.

However, The Blast reports:

The two reached a settlement and all claims against each other will remain closed. However, the court will still be there to make sure each party holds up their end of the agreement. As for the court documents, they will remain closed.

Following Chris Brown’s domestic abuse case involving Rihanna, Mike G. was hired to allegedly help Chris Brown build himself back up in the public eye, get him out of debt, and get him sober.

Mike G. alleged that in early 2016 — roughly four years after he was hired — Breezy attacked him without any sort of provocation and ended up hospitalized.

Chris Brown later responded to the allegations, claiming Mike G. stole money. Mike G later denied those claims.

Anyways, now that Chris has one lawsuit down, he still has another one to deal with.

This lawsuit stems from an incident in 2018 where a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted at his house by one of Brown’s friends.

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