Chief Keef Comes For Jimmy Iovine


Chief Keef Comes For Jimmy Iovine?!?

When it comes to being professional and smart it appears that Chicago rapper Chief Keef does get it and now Chief Keef Comes For Jimmy Iovine!

What are you thinking bro???

This is NOT a smart move and Jimmy and Dr Dre are the last two men to disrespect on social media. The gave you a silver platter and wanted to make you a rap star, but instead you tarnished the platter and threw it back.

We are shaking our heads in shame for you.

Chief Keef got a little froggy on Twitter after Insterscope dropped him because they couldn’t meet eye to eye on his upcoming project.

The AlmightySo had this to say on social media calling Jimmy and Dr Dre White Honkies:




And finally this Tweet (which has since been deleted) about Jimmy and Dr Dre calling them White Honkies:



What do you think of Sosa’s Racial Slurs against Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine???