Chief Keef Baby Mama Brags About 5 Celeb Abortions

Chief Keef Baby Mama Brags About 5 Celeb Abortions

Chief Keef Baby Mama Brags About 5 Celeb Abortions!

When it comes to disgusting acts on social media Chief Keef Baby Mama is guilty of posting a video of which celebs she smashed and then had abortions because she was having unsafe sex. Read on for details about Chief Keef Baby Mama


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A post shared by Tea Snipers (@teasnipers) reports that this week, rapper Chief Keef’s baby mama Slim Danger went viral after she was seen bragging about aborting babies she conceived with celebrity men.

This is NOTHING to proud of, in fact, it’s foul and disgusting, but pass-around chick Slim Danger THOT it was cute.

Instead of parlaying her stories into a best-selling book like Superhead, Slim Danger BLASTED NFL star Odell Beckham, Chief Keef, Chicago rapper Lil Durk, soccer player Noah Beck, and Lil Baby for knocking her up then demanding abortions.

Folks on social media were not impressed with the Chicago IG model and are referring to her as a “serial killer,” because she’s publicly bragging about ending 5 pregnancies in a cavalier manner.

Slim Danger aborted babies by the following men along with their net worths.

  • Odell Beckham: NFL player, net worth $25 million.
  • Lil Baby: Rap superstar, net worth $15 million
  • Chief Keef: Rapper, net worth $10 million
  • Lil Durk: Rapper, net worth $10 million
  • Noah Beck: Soccer player & Tiktok star, net worth $5 million

Slim Danger is best known for making a video where she supported her baby father Chief Keef’s rival Tekashi 6ix9ine.