Caitlyn Jenner Betrays Transgender Female Athletes; What A Hypocrite

Caitlyn Jenner Betrays Transgender Female Athletes; What A Hypocrite

Caitlyn Jenner Betrays Transgender Female Athletes; What A Hypocrite!

Former man Bruce Jenner who is a Trans woman, aka Caitlyn Jenner, himself had the audacity to take to social media supporting several states who are considering legislation that would prohibit trans girls from participating in girls’ sports.

This is one of the most backward and hypocritical things said by Caitlyn Jenner who clearly does NOT realize when he decided to become a she, she should be supportive of Transgender Female athletes participating in girls’ sports, instead, Caitlyn Jenner betrays her people.

Once again, we see why Bruce Jenner’s kids are NOT supporting Caitlyn Jenner running for California Governor. Caitlyn Jenner said it’s a “question of fairness” that prevents her from supporting trans girls competing against their cisgender peers. Is it?

Read on to see how Caitlyn Jenner Betrays Transgender Female… reports that maybe Caitlyn Jenner should go back to being Bruce with views like these since Caitlyn Jenner Betrays the Transgender Female community.

Does Caitlyn Jenner like men? No, she still likes women, not men. So for him becoming Trans makes no sense.

Which raises the question, “what is the point of becoming a Transgender man or woman if you still like the opposite sex?” The opposite sex wants to be with a real man or a real woman if they are gay.

This is where Transgender becomes blurred. Maybe people should really look inside themselves before making the change. We are all born male or female. We are to learn the values of our gender. Just because you don’t like being a male or female does not mean you need to become a Transgender. That is something the government is pushing on the youth. Before taking the unnecessary steps with costly hormonal shots that are unsafe for your body, ask yourself, “do I still like the opposite sex?” If so, then you don’t need to be Trans. You are just a Tomboy (a girl who likes sports and doesn’t wear dresses) or a feminine boy (a boy with girlish qualities). That does not make you Transgender and it will not solve any of your identity problems. is disgusted with Caitlyn Jenner, 71, who said:

That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls sports in school. It just isn’t fair, and we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.

When asked if forbidding trans girls from competing against other girls would be “delegitimizing their identity,” Jenner ended the conversation with “have a good day.”

As a trans woman and former Olympian Jenner later took to Twitter to address the brief interview, writing:

I didn’t expect to get asked this on my Saturday morning coffee run, but I’m clear about where I stand. It’s an issue of fairness and we need to protect girls’ sports in our schools.

We are disgusted with Caitlyn Jenner – she should shut up…she is a horrible representative for the Trans community!

The Law against Transgender females:

Idaho, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Dakota have already established laws preventing transgender girls from playing on girls’ interscholastic sports teams.

Just two days ago, Florida joined as the sixth state to approve the ban.

According to The Herald Tribune, transgender female athletes in Florida would be limited to playing coed sports or on teams with male athletes under the legislation, which restricts female teams to individuals identified as female on their birth certificate.

The bill applies to high school and college sports sponsored by public schools, including intramural and club teams.