Cardi B Deposition Videos to be Kept Under Wraps

Cardi B Deposition Videos to be Kept Under Wraps

There will be no “invasion of privacy” for Cardi B.

Thanks to a judge overseeing the contract dispute between Cardi B and her former manager has ruled that any videotapes of her upcoming deposition will remain sealed. Read on to find out why Cardi B Deposition Videos to be Kept Under Wraps…

Cardi B Deposition Videos to be Kept Under Wraps reports that Cardi B — real name Belcalis Almanzar — told the court she was too famous for the materials to be released, as footage of her would likely be manipulated into viral memes.

The judge agreed, and now the Bronx-born entertainer, Cardi B deposition videos will be kept under wraps.

Manhattan federal magistrate court judge Gabriel Gorenstein writes in the decision:

The Court concludes that the status of Belcalis Almanzar as a person of public interest, as well as the privacy interest enjoyed by any litigant, strongly counsel in favor of limiting the use of the video version of the deposition.

Accordingly, it is hereby ordered that the video version of the deposition of Belcalis Almanzar shall be used only for purposes of this litigation and shall not be filed or otherwise disseminated to any member of the public without permission of the Court.

The judge reserved a decision on whether or not to mark transcripts of the deposition confidential.

Cardi B’s former manager, Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, sued the 26-year-old for $10 million in 2018, claiming she broke their original contract — which netted him 20 percent of her gross earnings — when she made it big.

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