Cardi B Caught on Video Hitting Fan in Head

Cardi B Caught on Video Hitting Fan in Head

Cardi B Caught on Video Hitting Fan in Head!

It all went down last night.

Rapper Cardi B is in a lot of trouble . . . AGAIN. This time she’s being accused of assaulting a fan with a microphone during her concert… learned that Cardi abruptly ended her concert, at Tiger Wireless Festival, after appearing to smash a fan in the head with a microphone multiple times.

Checkout the video of the incident:

It’s clear that something prompted Cardi to get upset, but she repeatedly went at one of her fans allegedly.

If you ask Cardi, nothing happened.

Cardi B was forced to deny getting into a fight with the audience at Wireless Festival – as video began to circulate Twitter, seemingly showing her hitting a fan with her microphone.

But clearing things up, the rapper tweeted: ‘It wasn’t NO FIGHT!’, as videos from other angles showed that she was simply caught up within the crowd.

In a video posted to Twitter by a fan in the crowd at the festival, Cardi bent over to the front of the crowd, before swinging her microphone in the air and seemingly hitting down.


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Do you think that someone was getting to touchy and that is why Cardi hit back with her microphone?