Britney Spears Backlash + Miscarriage…Girl What’s Going On

Britney Spears Backlash + Miscarriage...Girl What's Going On

Britney Spears Backlash + Miscarriage…Girl What’s Going On?

Well, Britney Spears is surely free of her conservatorship, but now that we have all watched her online claiming she was pregnant, but never showed any signs of pregnancy’s.

Now, her fiancé Sam Asghari decided to take the liberty to reveal that Britney had a miscarriage? Now, none of this has been confirmed though, Spears continues to show signs that she is not 100% all there.

Yes, Britney is sweet, fun loving, but maybe, just maybe the conservatorship should have never been lifted. Get more details on Britney Spears Backlash + Miscarriage…


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A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) has learned that Britney Spears has been receiving a lot of backlash after posting a throwback video of her doing her version of “Baywatch” on the beach.

In regards to the miscarriage news, Sam took to his Instagram Stories, posting a message not too different from the initial one over the weekend, again stating that they appreciate the support of their fans. “We are taking things positively and moving forward with our future,” he wrote. “It’s hard but we are not alone.”

He again reiterated appreciation for everyone respecting their privacy and again stated their intentions to expand their family. He never addressed the trolls over on Britney’s post, but that could be because of that positive approach he was talking about.

“You just lost a baby ??,” one follower commented on her post, while another wrote, “Got over losing the baby fast?”

It’s worth pointing out that in her caption to the post, Britney wrote, “Trying to be sexy running like Baywatch ??????? !!!! Pssss #TB to Mexico ?????? !!!” She couldn’t have been more clear that this is a “throwback” post, so it’s not like she was out doing this on Monday after losing the baby.

Also, it’s apparently from where she got pregnant, so she may be trying to recall happier times. None of this makes sense, but hopefully whatever Britney and Sam decide they are happy doing it.

Though it seems Sam is just supporting Britney no matter what state of mind she is in.

We just can’t get over the fact that when you watch the videos you can just tell this girl is not 100% and the sad thing is everyone is just watching.


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On Wednesday, Britney posted this statement about being nice to people and then how to get them back, which she learned from her father.


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