Amber Heard Said: The Many Claims In Her Testimony Are…

Amber Heard Said: The Many Claims In Her Testimony Are...

Amber Heard Said: The Many Claims In Her Testimony Are…

So the lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to play out like a bad movie that will just NEVER F’n end. You know one of them is lying and the other has twisted the truth – plus it just comes down to we do give a crap about the endgame we just want this saga to be over.

But no, it goes on and on and on with accusation from poop to not donating money to charity because of Johnny Depp SLAPPED Heard with a defamation lawsuit. It just seems Amber continues to blame Johnny for everything in her life and she is not taking any accountability for the role she played in their relationship.

It takes two to tango, but Amber continues to wiggle like a weasel while giving her testimony… has the latest on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit where the Aquaman 2 star continues to put blame on her ex-husband because “its all his fault.”

At this point we just want the judge to see that Heard is doing everything to make Depp look like a heathen.

On Monday Amber said:

Heard never finished donating the full $7 million from her divorce settlement from Johnny Depp. She said the money would be split between two organizations: the American Civil Liberties Union and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

By October 2018, Heard had received the full settlement amount, she testified Monday. But an ACLU executive testified earlier in the trial that the organization never received the full $3.5 million it was promised and that about half the donations it received in Heard’s name came from Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla who Heard dated after her breakup with Depp.

She testified Monday that she halted the donations because Depp sued her and demanded $50 million in damages. Heard says it’s still her intention to pay all the money on top of the $500,000 Elon Musk paid on her behalf.

Amber Also claims:

She just testified about a fight she and Depp had around her 30th bday. Saying Depp grabbed her by her pubic bone, and asked, “You wanna be tough like a man?” She says things got so bad, she had to use the couple’s safe word, “Couch” to get him to stop.”


On Tuesday Amber said:

Amber blamed the dog for the poop incident. She says she isn’t to blame for the poop found in Johnny Depp’s bed … instead blaming the actor’s dog, who Heard claims was experiencing some serious bowel issues after eating weed.

Amber’s back on the stand Monday, after a week-long break, and her defense team just brought up the infamous incident. Heard says the dog, Boo, who was a puppy at the time had gotten into Johnny’s marijuana stash.

Johnny had a much different explanation of what he believed had happened — saying the doo-doo was too big for his tiny dog to produce. He says it looked like it was from a human, and it was, “so outside, so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh.”

These two are so salty with each other they have nothing nice to say.

As Amber Heard’s cross-examination by Johnny Depp’s lawyer continued Tuesday as part of his ongoing defamation trial against her, some lengthy audio was played for the court in which the two were heard slinging insults at one another amid a pretty heated fight.

Depp said at the top of the audio:

Everything’s fine until it doesn’t go your own way and when it doesn’t go your way, I’m in trouble…I don’t want your kind of woman.