Bobbi Kristina Odds of Recovery Slim


Bobbi Kristina Odds of Recovery Slim!!!

BREAKING: Thing are NOT looking good for Whitney Houston’s daughter and with Bobby Brown at her bedside Bobbi Kristina Odds of Recovery Slim.

We feel horrible, Bobbi Kristina’s Health Is Deteriorating!

Three years ago the legendary Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in her hotel bathtub, where she did NOT survive and now her daughter could possibly suffer the same fate?

Since her mothers passing, Bobbi was rebellious with the family defying their demand, she married Nick Gordon and agreed to do so, without having Nick sign a prenup.

We hate to ask, but was there foul play? No one knows exactly why Bobbi Kristina was face down in the tub. Did the biopic push her over the edge or was she just troubled?

Now, has learned that Bobbi Kristina brain function has “significantly diminished” and doctors have told her family it does not look good, this according to sources connected with the family.


As we previously reported, the 21-year-old was found face down in her bathtub Saturday and not breathing.  She was revived, taken to the hospital where she was placed in a medically-induced coma.

She is currently on a ventilator but we’re told tests have determined her brain function is alarmingly low.  

Bobbi Kristina’s dad, Bobby Brown, is at her bedside.

Doctors have told the family they should continue hoping and praying, but the signs are not good.