Benzino Addresses Eminem’s Music Its “Not Our Culture”

Benzino Addresses Eminem's Music Its "Not Our Culture"

If you recall, back in the days of early hip-hop The Source ruled the world and Ray Benzino was the man.

That was then, this is now, however, Benzino has come out of hiding to chime in on his old nemesis, Eminem.

We told you this week that Joe Budden lashed out at Eminem with facts. See Em is trying to redeem his name since the culture basically thought his last album was a pile of poop. So, he did what any artist would do, he dropped a surprise album last week to take everyone by storm to prove he still has it.

Eminem’s Kamikaze album is fair to mid, there are a couple songs worth listening to, but he is trying to bit on current styles fused with his sound. It works a bit, but like we said, it’s a mid to fair album.

Read on to hear what Benzino is saying about his old nemesis Eminem and why “Eminem’s music Is Not our culture…”

Anyways, Benzino has taken to IG live to voice his opinions on his former nemisis Eminem and after hearing what he has to say about the white rapper, he is still NOT a fan.

The former LHHATL star and Source voice, Benzino starts off with a heated tone about Eminem:

Culture vulture, what is a culture vulture?

When I was bringing that stuff up 15, 20 years ago, about The Machine (Jimmy Iovine) and how white people was buying into black culture when it came to hip-hop. I went up against Eminem. At that time, I owned The Source, I felt like Interscope and the powers that be were trying to create this white rapper, so people of America can have they own.

Benzino adds:

I wasn’t trying to outrap Em. We did find out a few things about Eminem, how he represented the culture. It wasn’t looking so good, and if social media was out back then it would be a whole other story.

Zino goes on to point out another valid fact that Em gave white kids the right to illegally use the “n-word.” Benzino explains that many Em supporters “only love him because he’s white,” and claims many of his fans are Trump supporters.

The former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star concludes by saying:

It’s ironic watching him go at other white rappers.

Then he Benzino proceeds to give Machine Gun Kelly some props.

All you weirdo misfit socially awkward Eminem fans who come to me, it won’t work.

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