Benzino Caught Disrespecting Black Women


Benzino Caught Disrespecting Black Women on Social Media???

WTH?  Yesterday, the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was BUSTED at Atlanta International Airport and now Benzino Caught Disrespecting Black Women calling them Apes and Monkeys?

It appears the RUMOR Mill is in full effect! has just got a tip about the HipHopWeekly magazine owner who was caught on social media disrespecting black women by calling them Apes and Monkeys. However, we noticed that the tip is a series of tweets that stem over a two year span where Zino was feuding with fans and Atlanta blogger


We have to ask what the hell is up and we would love Benzino to contact us to clear the air on the incident in hand. We know that he has had a few run-ins with Stevie J and Joseline during the reunion, a family feud which landed him shot and in the hospital and yesterday he was arrested for carrying a loaded gun in his carry on luggage and now this???

Yo Zino, what is going on bro?

Here are the tweets that were sent to us by and inside source, who reveals that Bezino was caught disrespecting black women and calling them Apes and Monkeys on social media:

Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-1 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-2 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-3 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-4 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-5 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-6 Benzino-Calls-Black-Women-Apes-and-Monkeys-0130-7