ASAP Ferg “Move Ya Hips” Ft Sex Robot Goes #MeToo But Barbz Are PISSED

ASAP Ferg "Move Ya Hips" Ft Sex Robot Goes #MeToo But Barbz Are PISSED

ASAP Ferg “Move Ya Hips” Ft Sex Robot Goes #MeToo But Barbz Are PISSED!

First, we wanna say we love this video. “Move Ya Hips” video is AWESOME, it shows how men treat women like sex toys. Then it shows how women are standing up against the men who treat them like sex trophy. Yes, its a bit rough to take, but the video has humor mixed in with the Me Too Movement. Continue on to watch ASAP Ferg “Move Ya Hips” ft Nicki Minaj (note they are not in the video)… has your first look at the real video for ASAP Ferg “Move Ya Hips” featuring Nicki Minaj. The only problem is Barbz was expecting to see Nicki in the video.

Neither Nicki Minaj nor ASAP Ferg is in the video. Ferg chose to have a story about a man ordering a sex toy to pleasure him daily. The video shows just that, but when the pleasuring becomes too much, the female sex toy stands up for her rights and fights back.

In fact, she malfunctions and goes into a savage kill mode. Ferg’s “Move Ya Hips” is funny yet touches on REAL issues within our society so pay attention men.

The video basically lets us all know that women are NOT just sex toys. Plus it has the tidbit of the #METOO movement in it, by having the robot stand up against sexual abuse.

See the video is much more than, “Sex…and where is Nicki Minaj.”

That sad thing is Nicki’s fans are complaining about the video calling it “disrespecting to Nicki” but the Queen is pregnant and NOT doing videos right now.

Does the Barbz realize that she is human and is pregnant with Kenny Petty’s seed on the way?

Here is what some Barbz are saying about ASAP Ferg “Move Ya Hips”:

Delete this has nothing to do with Nicki omg embarrassing!

Another Barb said:

Ferg this is disrespectful…Barbz let’s pretend this didn’t happen!

The complaints have gone on stating that Ferg was objectifying women, but they ALL obviously missed the concept.

This is embarrassing and gross tbh……video really said let’s objectify a woman tuh day.

“Mova Ya Hips” was released on July 30th, and it’s currently No. 19 on the Billboard charts. Rolling Stone reports it was directed by Isaac Rentz. Take a look:

Check out Ferg’s “Values” video – its FIRE…

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