Andre Drummond Claps Back at Jennette McCurdy Scandal


Andre Drummond Claps Back at Jennette McCurdy Scandal

While Jennette McCurdy continues to receive backlash for her skin-tillating snap scandal, so has Detroit Piston’s Andre Drummond who is being blamed for the leaked photos!

Her ex-boyfriend and NBA basketballer Andre Drummond is now being threatened on Twitter by her devoted fleet of fans.

Andre weghed in on Twitter after being bashed one of the former iCarly star kiss diss:

Here is the infamous Tweet that caused Andre to Clap Back:

We understand why Andre Drummond would get defensive about allegations that he was the one to leak photos of his former girl, but responding to silly threats isn’t at all productive. he should know better, especially since iCarly aka Jennette McCurdy took to social media to BLAST him about being a bad kisser.

She’s just upset dude.

Take a look at the photos that is causing all the trouble for Jennette and Andre: