Akon Mourning Loss of Michael K. Williams

Akon Mourning Loss of Michael K. Williams

Akon Mourning Loss of Michael K. Williams!

The death of Michael K. Williams has sent many celebrities into a tailspin.

One namely being Michael K. Williams good friend Akon, who is mourning the loss of his good friend. Read on about Akon’s views on the loss of Michael K. Williams

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Akon had this to say about Michael K. Williams who is the latest example of how the “facade of success” can be fatal.

Here is what we’ve learned about Akon mourning Michael K. Williams:

Akon was at Petrossian in L.A. on Tuesday, where he said although he was close to Michael, they hadn’t seen each other since the pandemic.

Akon has an interesting take, saying the rich and famous go through more issues than the poor. As he says, “More money, more problems.”

He also talks about how the pandemic has masked real mental health struggles … literally with masks that hide emotions.

Akon feels strongly, drugs and alcohol never solve difficult issues … they send people down a dark path that, in Michael’s case, ends in tragedy.

As you know, Michael died over the weekend of an apparent drug overdose. Police believe it might have been heroin-related, and they’ve launched an investigation to determine who may have provided him with the drugs.

Michael had no plans on dying anytime soon. You can notice he was still excited to be working and looking forward to his next project one week before his death.


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