Aaron Hernandez Jail I.D. Card For Sale


Aaron Hernandez Jail I.D. Card For Sale!?!

Apparently Aaron Hernandez got jacked for his official jail I.D. card during his stint behind bars because Aaron’s I.D. just surfaced on eBay.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report via TMZ who broke the news the item appears to be a legit identification card from Suffolk County Jail in Mass where Hernandez arrived in July 2014, according Law enforcement sources.


Word is, Aaron Hernandez Jail I.D. Card Starting bid is $500.00

As for the seller — that person has not revealed his own identity … but explained in the eBay post:

“I was in jail with Arron Hernandez [sic] the former patriot super star.. I happen to com [sic] across his jail id.”

We reached out to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department — but they’re not saying jack squat about the situation.


We guess it will be worth money down the road, it’s NOT you can ever use it, but we guess someone will want a part of Patriot history. Most likely a Hernandez fan will snatch this up.